University of Wisconsin–Madison
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The vision of the Division of the Arts is to harness the power and potential of artistic explorations and expressions for the benefit of the university, the state of Wisconsin, and the world. The division promotes all forms of creative expression, experience, and interpretation as fundamental paths to engaging and understanding our world. We believe that designers, artists, architects, performers, and creative scholars are essential to solving problems and advancing civil society. We know that creativity not only enhances our culture, it broadens our perspective, deepens our understanding, and enables us to innovate, grow, and change. Our vision is underpinned by the notions of freedom of thinking, creating and arguing, and the sustenance of a healthy democratic environment in line with the Wisconsin Idea by which this university is fundamentally and intrinsically dedicated to the well-being of the community and every human being within it.

The Division of the Arts works to advance its mission and vision by:

  1. Providing expanded support for all the arts on campus through effective leadership, as a division within the Office of the Provost, and offering an institutional vision through representation at the Deans’ Council.
  2. Identifying shared goals and needs across arts departments, programs, and centers in order to facilitate common solutions and to better advocate for campus resources to enhance and strengthen the presence and role of the arts across UW–Madison, nationally, and globally.
  3. Developing and supporting a creative community of arts faculty, staff, and students who are affiliated with the Division of the Arts around shared areas of interest with the intent of enhancing current disciplinary constituencies while identifying and developing new ones.
  4. Increasing the amount of disciplinary and transdisciplinary arts scholarship occurring within program, department, and university-wide communities of artistic practice through coordination, collaborative grant-seeking, and the continued administration and development of research funding programs and opportunities.
  5. Spearheading unique and proven community arts programming that embodies the Wisconsin Idea through ever widening circles of positive impact.