Coming Together: Culturally Inspired Creation Trunk Show & Exhibition Reception

Co-design teams comprising UW–Madison students enrolled in Judy Frater’s spring 2022 Interdisciplinary Arts Residency course and traditional artisans from Kutch, India have worked together this semester to present the exhibition Coming Together: Culturally Inspired Creation and a public trunk show. The work being sold will consist of limited editions of the co-designed textiles as well as pieces designed and produced by the artisans. During this time, the exhibition will be open and there will be a reception. The trunk show is supported by the Global Artisans Initiative.

Coming Together: Culturally Inspired Creation

This exhibition is a collaboration between traditional textile artisan designers in the Kutch district in northwest India and students enrolled in Judy Frater’s Interdisciplinary Arts Residency course at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. These final works, along with their inspiration object from the Helen Louise Allen Textile Collection, will be on view in celebration of the language of tradition, collaboration, and hand work in textile design.

Judy Frater’s interdisciplinary arts residency events and exhibition “Coming Together: Culturally Inspired Creation” (April 20-May 27) at UW–Madison

This spring semester, Judy Frater is the University of Wisconsin–Madison Division of the Arts’ interdisciplinary artist-in-residence. Judy Frater is a curator, author and school director who lived in the Kutch region in Northwest India for …

Arts Together!

Arts Together! events bring faculty together to meet each other, share in collaborative ideas, and explore opportunities for funding creative research as we celebrate the arts on campus. This month, we are convening around the possibilities of screendance, screen performance, and ideas of the live digital performance.

UW–Madison students and Interdisciplinary Artist-in-Residence Litza Bixler present Bodies, Borders & Belonging multimedia exhibition May 8 & 9

Litza Bixler, the spring 2021 University of Wisconsin–Madison Division of the Arts Interdisciplinary Artist-in-Residence and students will present Bodies, Borders & Belonging at the Arts Lofts (111 N. Frances Street) from Saturday – Sunday, May 8 …

Interdisciplinary Arts Residency Program Retrospective

This retrospective exhibition will showcase Interdisciplinary Arts Residencies over the years, featuring collective shared memories between the Arts Institute and sponsoring departments through photographs, video footage, and printed materials.