As the only unit dedicated to the arts, the Division of the Arts encourages broad, transdisciplinary collaboration across the UW–Madison campus. These connections create synergies benefiting the individual participants and strengthening ties between their colleges, schools, and departments.


The Division is a freestanding campus-wide unit led by a Director who is appointed by the Chancellor of the university and reports to the Provost.

Led by the Director, the senior management team manages and runs the day to day affairs and varied programs of the division and comprises lead staff members in the areas of administration, communications, outreach, advancement, academics, and research.

Academic Oversight

In areas where the division’s programs have curricular involvement or impact, specifically through courses offered under the division’s Integrated Arts course subject listing, the Division of the Arts maintains correct protocols for curricular oversight through the Academic Affairs Committee (AAC). AAC membership fosters representation of the major areas of study and activity in the arts on campus. The committee evaluates new Integrated Arts course requests and proposals for the Interdisciplinary Arts Residency Program and consults on shared academic concerns impacting the arts across colleges.