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How to Propose a Residency

Starting in the fall of 2022, the Division’s artist-in-residence program will move to a full academic year structure.

The Interdisciplinary Artist-in-Residence Teaching (IART) Program is funded by the Cluster Hires Initiative through the Office of the Provost for the benefit of all arts units on campus. The program brings innovative, world-class artists to campus for academic year-long residencies sponsored by two or more departments or units; provides students with extended learning experiences with a working artist, including options to earn course credit; increases diversity of teaching staff on campus; and strengthens programmatic ties among individual departments, programs, and other campus and community arts entities. While in residence, artists present workshops and public events, participate in community outreach, and teach an interdisciplinary course culminating in a final presentation of student work.

Call for Proposals

Thank you for your interest, but the call for 2022-23 IART program proposals is now closed.

Supplementary Materials

In preparation for submitting your proposal, please review the following supplementary materials and be prepared to complete and upload the Residency Budget Worksheet:

Contact aryn kresol, Arts Residency Programs Coordinator, at with questions.

Proposal Support

Successful interdisciplinary residencies require engagement and excitement from a variety of departments and their faculty, staff, and students. Significant planning and relationship building occur before the residency proposal is submitted for Academic Affairs Committee review.

Division staff is available for consultation and offering feedback on proposal drafts. Contact aryn kresol, Arts Residency Programs Coordinator, at