Social Media Purpose of Page Statement

Welcome to the Division of the Arts (@uwmadisonarts), a page dedicated to celebrating the diversity of the arts on the UW–Madison campus! The Division of the Arts works to support and promote the missions of the academic arts departments and affiliated partners, cultivate interdisciplinary collaborations, deepen the student experience, build community engagement, and embrace the university’s values of inclusion, diversity, equity, and access across the arts.

By utilizing social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram, we seek to provide UW–Madison students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community members the opportunities and resources to explore the arts on campus, encouraging direct engagement and open communication with the UW–Madison community and beyond.

To put it quite plainly, our goal is to celebrate the Arts for Everyone, Everywhere, which we believe to be integral to students’ learning and rich inner lives.

As a campus-wide unit, we are directly affiliated with the university and defer to UW–Madison rules and regulations regarding social media. UW–Madison’s status as a public institution means that the university must comply with certain legal requirements regarding public posts, comments, and replies. With limitations on what the university can remove, we focus on responding with additional information and resources for members to consider in the alternative, working to foster a sense of education and clear communication.

However, we maintain the right to remove any content, replies, or comments that are off-topic to the posts made by the Division of the Arts, obscene, a violation of intellectual property rights or privacy laws, commercial, or otherwise illegal or not germane to the subject matter of the institutional post. Users are fully responsible for the content they post on any of UW–Madison’s social media sites, including the Division of the Arts’ social media pages.

For more information, please see UW–Madison’s Social Media Statement.

The Division of the Arts looks forward to our continued role as a partner and a resource in furthering teaching, research, and outreach in the arts. Thank you for your support!