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Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access (IDEA) Committee

We call on the unique power of the arts to challenge, illuminate, and transform the status quo in order to bring awareness, healing, empathy, hope, and joy to the interconnected world in which we live.

Action Plan

Based on the commitments and goals outlined above, the IDEA Committee put together an action plan of current efforts as well as initiatives we will pursue in the short-term and long-term.

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  • Review Arts on Campus materials to make sure they are culturally appropriate and relevant
  • Center and highlight BIPOC artists in social media
  • Implement use of accessible language and accessible technologies in our communication materials consistent with the audiences we are trying to reach
  • Integrated Marketing & Communications staff presents annually at Division staff meetings on measurable indicators of IDEA initiatives


  • Clearly articulate IDEA priority in the DotA mission, vision, and core values



  • Promote campus and community arts events via DotA communications channels
  • Maintain memberships with local cultural organizations
  • Maintain or increase advertising spend in diverse local media outlets
  • Connect and establish relationships with identified student multicultural organizations or initiatives (preferably arts-focused) to learn how we can support them with their programming


  • Establish relationships with student organizations in order to survey their interests and priorities related to IDEA



  • Maintain and grow self-education resources
  • Require all Division of the Arts employees to engage in dedicated DEI training and education
  • Review and revise hiring processes and policies using a racial equity lens
  • Continue work towards becoming a fully inclusive, anti-racist unit


  • Improve percentage of candidates with socially marginalized identities for DotA’s hiring pool



  • Continue exploring ways the Division could take leadership in racial equity conversations across the arts, such as convening a DEI arts committee
  • Ensure programming decisions are guided by racial equity values
  • Use IDEA criteria in reviewing proposals for Arts Business Competition, Creative Arts Awards, and Interdisciplinary Artist-in-Residence Teaching (IART) Program
  • Include BIPOC IARP artists and guests in programming with The Studio Creative Arts Learning Community

Student Support


  • Collaborate with Office of Financial Aid to prevent student awards from impacting financial aid
  • Establish a funding opportunity for student work that engages the arts and IDEA issues


  • Provide active support to identified student organizations based on feedback
  • Establish new awards or funding that supports undergraduate BIPOC arts production, research, and scholarship


  • Explore partnering with The Studio and student organizations to hire BIPOC artists to speak about their practice and plan programming in partnership with student organizations
  • Research existence of spaces for students of color on campus to either create or display their work, and if needed, investigate the creation of a Division-sponsored or led space