Arts Together | IARP @ 25

Thank you for joining us for this special Arts Together event! The program will stream live on Friday, February 2 at 5:30 p.m. CT, both on this website AND on our Facebook page. If you prefer to attend in person, please RSVP at the link below!


IARP stands for Interdisciplinary Arts Residency Program, which the Division of the Arts created 25 years ago. This panel discussion will dive into what an arts residency looks like at UW–Madison, what the artist experience is like, featuring past and present IARP artists Sri Vamsi Matta, Marlon F. Hall, and Marc Bamuthi Joseph about their work and their lived experiences. This discussion will be moderated by Division of the Arts Director, Chris Walker, and OMAI/First Wave Director, Sofía Snow.
After the panel, experience a special performance by world-renowned artist, and OMAI’s current Hip-Hop Artist-in-Residence, Marc Bamuthi Joseph. Joseph is a spoken-word poet, dancer, playwright, hip-hop theater artist. If you attend in person, we invite you to stick around for OMAI/First Wave’s ‘Just Bust’ open-mic, where guests can give us a performance of their own! (Just Bust will not be streamed)

Guest Speakers

Portrait of Marlon F. Hall

Marlon F. Hall is an artist and anthropologist whose work is rooted in social practice and grown from anthropological listening. Marlon integrates community engagement and storytelling as a process for cultivating healing in communities that have experienced political, cultural or systemic trauma. Through socially engaged art-installations, large-scale photography, ethnographic films shaped as visual poems and carefully designed salon dinners, his work focuses on revealing the resilient nature of the human spirit, using memory to inform imagination and helping communities reclaim their identity.

Portrait of Marc Bamuthi Joseph

Marc Bamuthi Joseph is a spoken-word poet, dancer, playwright, and actor who frequently directs stand-alone hip-hop theater plays. He is a 2017 TED Global Fellow, an inaugural recipient of the Guggenheim Social Practice initiative, and an honoree of the United States Artists Rockefeller Fellowship. An internationally renowned cultural strategist, Mr. Joseph has lectured in 25 different countries and his TED talk “You Have The Rite” has been viewed more than five million times.

Portrait of Sri Vamsi Matta

Sri Vamsi Matta, (Vamsi, he/him), is a Bangalore-based theatre actor, writer, and director. His practice is influenced by his Dalit identity, experience, and social location. The histories of his family and community inform the questions, topics, and mediums that Vamsi engages with through his work. His most recent traveling solo show performance, Come Eat With Me – an invitation to folks from all caste, faith, and race locations – has received a tremendous response in the national and regional media across India.